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External Funded Projects

External Funded Projects (On-going)

S.No. Project Code Project Title Investigators (Dr/Mr/Mrs) Year Funding Agency Budget
1 CRSCNIBSMCOL201600100019 Socio-economic upliftment of tribal farmers through biotic stress management strategies in rice fallow pulse cropping system- A integrated farming approach P. Mooventhan
Anil Dixit
P.N. Sivalingam
K.C. Sharma
Amit Dixit
Amit Kumar Gupta
2016-2020 ICAR 99.75 lakhs
2 CRSCNIBSMCOL201800200025 Identification of host factors responsible for infection and development of nano-particle based dsRNA delivery system for imparting resistance to begomoviruses P.N. Sivalingam
Sridhar J
Vinay Kumar
L.L. Kharbikar
2018-2021 NASF 276.60470 Lakh NIBSM-94.2104 Lakhs
3 CRSCNIBSMCOL202000200035 Establishment of Biotech-KISAN Hub at ICAR-National Institute of Biotic Stress Management P. Mooventhan
(Hub Facilitator)
RK Mahobia KVK Korba
BS Rajput KVK Rajnandgaon
SK Varma KVK Mahasamund
2020-2022 DBT 214 lakhs
4   In-situ diagnosis and digital cataloging of plant-pathogenic fungi through Foldscope Microscopy - A frugal science approach under Scheme for Young Scientists & Technologist (SYST) P. Mooventhan 2020-2023 DST 48 lakhs

External Funded Projects (Completed)

S.No. Project Code Project Title Investigators (Dr/Mr/Mrs) Year Funding Agency Budget
1 CRSCNIBSMCOL201400400005 Translation Centre for Molecular Epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes S.B. Barbuddhe 2012-2017 DBT, Govt. Of India Total=223 lakhs (91 lakhs for NIBSM)
2 CRSCNIBSMSOL201800100024 Surveillance and minimising the risk of zoonotic diseases among tribal farmers through Foldscope microscopy P. Mooventhan
Mamta Choudhary
2018-2019 DBT 8 lakhs

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