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  • independence day 2023
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  • celebrate word envirement
  • Academician-Industry Meet - 2 June 2023
  • Academician-Industry Meet - 2 June 2023
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  • Qrt Team Visit 26 to 28 April 2023
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  • 21 & 22 fab work shop
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newICAR-NIBSM organised the Hindi Diwas & Pakhwara during 14 to 28 September 2023newICAR-NIBSM organised the XVI Annual Review Meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project on Nematodes in Agriculture during 12 & 13.09.2023newBrainstorming session on biotic stress management in oilseed crops jointly organised by ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur and ICAR-IIOR, Hyderabad on 07.09.2023newCorrigendum - SRF recruitment under NASF Project - Walk-in-Interview will be held on 21.08.2023.newWalk-In-Interview for Senior Research Fellow (SRF) under ICAR-NASF project newWalk-In-Interview for Field Assistant (FA) under ICAR-Farmer FIRST projectnewSix new Scientists joined at ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur, C.G newList of webinar organized during 2022 at ICAR-NIBSMnewWorkshop on Rajbhasha Hindinewworkshop on Biosafety Issues in Research and Laboratory FunctionsnewCircular - Fees for optimum use of infrastructural facilities at ICAR-NIBSM Campus, Baronda, RaipurnewList of students admitted to Masters Degree Programme for the academic year 2023-2024 at ICAR-NIBSM, RaipurnewReport on “Har Dil Dhyan Har Din Dhyan” held during 10-12th April, 2023 at ICAR-NIBSM, RaipurnewCorrigendum for the post of young professional I & IInewWalk-in-interview for the post of young professional I & IInewOne-day awareness workshop on IPR for Biotechnological research organized at ICAR-NIBSM on 15th March 2023newKRISHAK KARYASHALA at ICAR-NIBSMnewWalk-In-Interview of Senior Research Fellow (SRF) on 23/01/2023newRegister to attend the online training programme on "Field Applications of Biocontrol Agents for Invasive and Transboundary Pests Management"newAgricultural Drone Demonstration organised in the Tribal villages of Farmer FIRST ProgrammenewICAR- NIBSM organized one day off- campus training cum exposure visit of farmers to FFP site, Kasdol under TSP scheme 2022-23newParliamentary official language committee meeting held on 14/11/2022 newEngagement of medical officer on contractual basis newAdvertisement for YP - II (F&A) position at ICAR-NIBSMnewICAR-NIBSM Celebrated 75 Years of IndependencenewYP-II Shortlisted candidates listnewEngage a medical officer purely on contractual basis new7th Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Meeting, ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur(8-9 th June 2022) newMoU signed between ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur and PRSU, RaipurnewICAR-NIBSM organised Garib Kalyan Sammelan on 31st May 2022newAdvertisement of Young Professional Posts at ICAR-NIBSM Raipur (C.G.)newTwo-day Workshop on Emerging IP Issues and Innovation Changes for better Technologies organized at ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur on 15th -16th March 2022newTraining on mushroom production technology to tribal women farmersnewICAR-NIBSM Celebrated 73rd Republic Day, 2022 newWider publicity and better participation in GeM bidding newList of students admitted to ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur for M.Sc Programme in various disciplines for the academic year 2021-2022newICAR- NIBSM, Raipur organized Chickpea seeds and vegetable seed kit distribution programme under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) Scheme for the year 2021-22newBrainstorming on “Exploring Antimicrobial Cyclic Lipopeptides (AMLs) Producing-Bacterial Resources for Biotic Stress Management: Prospects & Challenges” organized virtually at ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur on 10th Nov 2021newFilling up the Administrative post on Transfer, Deputation , Absorption basis at ICAR-NIBSMnewCelebration of 152th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and inauguration of Special Swacchhata Campaign from 2nd October to 31st October 2021 at ICAR-NIBSM, RaipurnewCall for M.Sc StudentsnewICAR NIBSM New Campus 2021 newICAR NIBSM Short Film newICAR-NIBSM dedicated to Nation by Shri. Narendra Modi (Hon'ble Prime Minister) on 28th September 2021newPoshan Vatika Maha Abhiyan and Tree PlantationnewICAR-NIBSM, Raipur observed Parthenium awareness week (16th Aug- 22nd Aug)newCelebration of 75th Independence Day at ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur new6th RAC meeting of ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur was held on 12th July 2021new Brainstorming on “Prospects and challenges for identification of novel genes for biotic stress mitigation in crops” new Seed distribution programme organized under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan(SCSP) Scheme for the year 2021-22 at ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur new Brainstorming on Plant Volatile Organic Compounds


ICAR-National Institute of Biotic Stress Management

The Institute NIBSM, Raipur has a legal status of Deemed to be University, as approved by the cabinet, and came into existence in 2012. Mandate of the Institute bestows the responsibility to undertake basic and strategic research as well as generating quality human resources through education, in the specialised field of biotic stress management. The research and education is planned to be carried out through four different schools covering various facets of utilizing modern scientific tools to understand, educate and mitigate biotic stresses. These four schools are:

Significant emphasis was placed during the preceding EFCs/SFCs spanning 2012 to 2017 and 2017 to 2020, with the primary goal of establishing both infrastructure and human resources. The Institute (Deemed to be University) has obtained approval for its comprehensive master plan. Notably, the initial phase of construction has been finished and was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India in 2021. This phase encompasses key buildings such as the Administration block, Library, Auditorium, two school buildings, and two hostels.

Currently, the Institute boasts a team of 27 scientists, including the Director. ICAR-NIBSM has started generating research leads in the field of Biotic Stress Management. The remaining cadre strength from a total of 60 Scientists and 140 administrative, technical and supporting staff, is at active consideration. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, as well as the Ministry of Finance and Expenditure under the Government of India, are actively considering the creation of these positions, with prompt filling anticipated.

The Institute is proactively engaged in establishing collaborative MoUs with esteemed Institutes and Universities across the nation. These efforts are aimed at fostering cooperative ventures in research and academia. In accordance with its educational mandate, the Institute has initiated post-graduate academic sessions encompassing various disciplines related to Biotic Stress Management. Notably, a significant milestone has been achieved through an MoU with the renowned Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in New Delhi. This collaboration facilitates the enrollment of students for ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur using the standardized ICAR procedure, with degrees conferred by IARI.

For comprehensive insights into the Institute's research, education, extension activities, and facilities, pertinent information can be accessed on the relevant sections of this website.


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One day Academician-Industry meet to be organized by ICAR-NIBSM,Raipur on 2nd June 2023 at ICAR- NIBSM, Raipur

 One-day awareness workshop on IPR for Biotechnological research organized at ICAR-NIBSM on 15th March 2023

List of Webinars and Seminars organized by ICAR-NIBSM during 2022

7th RAC meeting held on 8-9th June 2022

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