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School of Crop Health Biology Research (CHBR)

Key theme : Pest biology (Microbial Systems, Plant Microbe Interactions)

  • Standardization and development of plant phenomics to support precisive genomic approach for disease/pest diagnosis.
  • Investigations on physiological manifestations, signal transduction and regulation of stress responsive genes in causal agents of biotic stresses in crop plants.
  • Repositories of diverse strains of pathogens/pests and development of screening protocols for traits of resistance in host plants and inherent genes relevant to stress tolerance
  • Biology of host – pest interactions in the changing agro- climatic scenarios and to study the effect of climate change on the physiological and metabolic activities of the host and pathogens/pests.
  • Development of diagnostic tools & artificial intelligence/molecular characterization of pathogenic variability and severity assessment of diseases and pests.
  • Evaluation of host resistance genes employing recent omic approaches.

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